Ford Forward recognises that our clients, their families and the wider community, as well as our team is impacted by the manner in which we conduct our work. For that reason we endeavour to manage the charity in accordance with good practice and to follow guidance from the Charity Commission, as well as the Charity Governance Code for small charities.


We believe that Ford Forward’s clarity of purpose is fundamental to both our clients and team, as well as the prisons and other agencies we engage with. This is also important to our funders, without whose help we could not operate.

Governance structure

We ensure that our work and resources are directed to producing good outcomes and our trustees have a shared understanding of and commitment to the charity’s purposes.

Our trustees have a combination of prison chaplaincy and business experience and have direct oversight of our operations.  Our revised team is currently as follows:

Board of trustees, including HMP Ford Managing Chaplain

Resettlement project worker (reports to the Resident Trustee in HMP Ford, the Managing Chaplain) – based primarily in HMP Ford, working with potential clients, liaising with probation and other support services

Volunteer and client coordinator (reports to the Chair) – managing a team of volunteers to befriend and mentor clients ahead of and after release, liaising with probation and other support services

Administrator (reports to the Chair) – maintaining the database from which we draw the management information

Team of volunteers (each reporting to the volunteer and client coordinator)

We train volunteers to mentor clients and use experienced contractors for key functions.

We are a member of the Community Chaplaincy Association (CCA) and follow their guidance and model documents, where appropriate.


The safety of our clients and team are uppermost in everything we do. For this purpose we have a safeguarding policy and procedure, which is provided to all those working with Ford Forward. Safeguarding is our first consideration when designing all policies and procedures.

All team members coming into contact with clients are HMPPS vetted or DBS-checked.

Data protection

The nature of our work means that we hold personal data and we are committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals (including team members, clients and others). Our data protection policy sets out our approach to this key discipline.

Financial management

Ford Forward requires few assets to operate and has no obligations extending beyond 3 months. We maintain a cash reserve appropriate to the size of the operation, which is reviewed as a part of our annual budgeting exercise. Ford Forward does not carry any investments and accounts are prepared on a receipts and payments basis.

Risk management

Ford Forward maintains a register of all of its identified risks, which is regularly review by the trustees and our wider team. Those risks are assessed, based on estimates of their severity and frequency and managed in a manner the trustees consider appropriate to those estimates and proportionate to the size and nature of our operations. Oversight of each risk is allocated to the appropriate trustee, with risk controls monitored through our team meetings.

In particular, each client consents to a risk-assessment, prior to and as a condition of acceptance, with the benefit of the HMPPS/NPS assessment process.

The future

Ford Forward is a relatively new charity and our operations are constantly developing.   This governance statement will be reviewed annually in the light of operational changes and developing professional practice.

For more information on the governance of Ford Forward, please see the following documents:

Safeguarding policy

Data Protection Policy

Equality policy

Volunteer Policy

Expenses Policy

Complaints Policy