volunteer handbook

Volunteers are at the heart of the work of Ford Forward. Your contribution is indispensable as we support people resettling back into the community. They are often nervous and lacking in confidence – and for those who have been in prison a long time there will be situations and issues that they will not have previously encountered.

Prisoners recognise that volunteers are giving their time and that is fully appreciated. However, as well as positive progress we must also be resilient against being let down. It is hard not to feel betrayal. Please remember we are offering support to vulnerable people sometimes with dysfunctional pasts.  Our role is voluntary and not statutory – a distinction we must maintain.

However, being a volunteer is both vital and rewarding and we are very grateful for your willingness to serve in this way.  The guidelines in this handbook are intended to help keep both you and your mentees safe, provide boundaries that our understood by all, and help build healthy and productive mentor -mentee relationships.  Please take time to read them and in the spirit of partnership please highlight to us any concerns or ideas to help Ford Forward to continue to learn and grow.

The Trustees

Volunteer Policy

Ford Forward Mentoring Agreement

Volunteer Registration Form

Safeguarding policy

Equality policy

Data Protection Policy